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At SA Calendar . . .

Our philosophy and commitment is to supersede the mundane existence and functionality of the common almanac, as all calendars in essence fulfil the same objective. We create calendars of distinction and added to that, the imprint of the customer’s branding, an enhanced product of added value is created. Our exclusive range of calendars are not only functional, but create a point of interest, captiviating diverse audiences, an ideal corporate gift that your client simply must-have gracing their wall or desk, thereby ensuring exposure and marketing your business all year round!

We are dedicated to provide our valued customers with a variety of services that will assist them in procuring their calendar requirements. The services presented by our company are centered on bringing any calendar concept to life. Our unique range of calendars feature a wide selection of chic designs and formats that will most certainly appeal to many. As a specialist in creating calendars, we also accommodate customers with custom designs. Customising calendars has never been simpler or competitively priced!

Our press and finishing facility has been setting the standard for print quality and service since 1995. Specialising in single or full colour calendars along with litho print productions we can proficiently produce in accordance with the customer’s needs.

Our facility is currently one of a few in the industry that encompass the entire spectrum of calendar publication, from inception to distribution, under one roof.

Why should you buy calendars as a Corporate Gift?

  • Calendars serve as a positive daily, all-year reminder of your company, bringing your marketing efforts into direct contact with your clients and their associates all the time.
  • Reflects and enhances the image of your business, thus instilling a sense of belief in your customers that your company is the one they want to deal with. 85% Of businesses surveyed use the products of the calendar advertiser.
  • As promotional merchandise, a calendar serves as a functional gift that will surely not be forgotten. 94% of users recall the advertising message and name on a calendar.
  • Eye-catching calendars create a point of interest and are one of the most effective, yet inexpensive forms of advertising.
  • Proven to achieve higher response rates and a greater return on your marketing investment.
  • Every month your brand is refreshed with a new image.

Why should you buy calendars from SA Calendar?

  • We are devoted to providing you with SERVICE and SUPPORT that will help you accomplish your calendar printing projects. We create calendars of sophistication and beauty, inevitably recognised synonymously for our high class QUALITY calendars.
  • Target marketing for just a few rand a day... Our calendars are FUNCTIONAL and AFFORDABLE. Custom calendar printing has never been more reasonably priced.
  • Our facility is currently one of very few in the industry that encompass the entire gamut of calendar production, from inception to distribution. All work is in-house.
  • We boast a 97% “On Time” delivery rate.
  • We are recognised as Black Economic Empowerment (B.E.E.) compliants and scored an excellent LEVEL 1 Rating.
  • Our print facility is a Sappi: Printer Of The Year multi-award winner.
    We are Proud B.E.E. Players
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    Excellent LEVEL 1 Rating
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